Freelance Fridge- Illustration & Character DesignFreelance Fridge- Illustration & Character Design


Salamander Knight

Salamander Knight Rescuing Princess Hedgehog final color

I just finished this illustration for fun, based on the concept “Salamander Knight.” This endearing knight is just a little aloof as he heads across the little pond to rescue this princess hedgehog. I hope that he sees that snake before it’s too late! When coloring, I used the colors of a Seminatrix Swamp Snake, a Northern Red Salamander (which is more orange than the name suggests), and of course a Hedgehog. Trying to incorporate more “story” in my personal work. Let me know what you think! :)


Salamander Knight Rescuing Princess Hedgehog sketchSalamander Knight Recuing Princess Hedgehog inkedHere’s the sketch and ink steps, for those of you interested in seeing a bit of my process. I try to keep my sketching loose and really enjoy the movement and expressiveness. When I head to inking, I’ll refine some of the character-look and details. You’ll see that I decided to change the princess’s crown to a pointed hat. Then of course, once the inking is complete, I move on to the fun part of digitally coloring the whole cartoon!


Marshmallow Martian


The phrase “Marshmallow Martian” came up in conversation the other day… I don’t remember why, but this character drawing came out of it. This marshmallow alien travels from planet to planet, exploring the furthest parts of space, to learn more about the sinister evils that may threaten his squishy home planet.


Kung Fu Fish Guy


I took an old sketch I drew of this merman kung fu fish dude and came across it again recently. I decided to color him up for fun. If you ever find yourself in an underwater battle, you might want to try and recruit this guy to be on your side…



Sugar-Plum-Pumpkin-plumkinsHere are some fun little critters that I call the Plumkins! Nothing better than flying purple pumpkins with fairy wings and glowing eyes. This idea came to mind when I tried to order a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen and stumbled over my words, saying “Plumkin Plie Blizzard.” You never know where the great ideas might come from!



Pan the Little Faun

Cartoon Faun Pan Character

Quick goofy little Pan character sketch. If you don’t startle him, he might just play you a tune…  I love drawing silly characters!


Samurai Tinman

Samurai Tinman Wizard of Oz Cartoon

I had an idea for a new take for the Tinman from The Wizard of Oz. What if the story took place in China and he was an old samurai warrior? Even a samurai needs a heart… <3


Rocket Raccoon & Groot Fan Artwork

I really enjoyed the new Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy movie! I think that whole comic storyline has a great cast of characters. Of course, the two coolest characters would have to be Rocket Raccoon and Groot! I have been working on drawing and painting this illustration on and off during my free time between work and freelance projects. Finally had a chance to finish it tonight. I have been playing around with more textures, to give my images a more unique look. Enjoy!



Cartoon Alien Critters

Cartoon Aliens & MonstersIt was time to let loose a little and just have fun drawing some silly, zany characters. I decided to draw some cartoon alien critters after being inspired by the show, Wander Over Yonder. I think what makes them work well is a medley of shapes, sizes, and proportions- to keep it interesting. I have always loved aliens and all things SciFi. I really have fun doodling this, and now it’s making me think about illustrating a silly children’s book about aliens. Maybe a counting book? We’ll see…



Snowy Owl Illustration

Snowy Owl Book Illustration Artwork

I have been admiring snowy owls recently. They are beautiful, extraordinary birds. I just had to draw one, and what better way to illustrate one, than in flight with the moonlight on his back.


Cute Little Dragon Character

Cute Cartoon Little Dragon Character DesignI’ve been sketching a lot of dragons recently, and this is one of the cute little dragon characters that came out of it. I went ahead and took my sketch and painted it in Photoshop. Still trying to think of a perfect name for this little guy.



Blue Gecko Character Wearing a Sweater

Upset Cartonn Gecko wearing Sweater Character

Sometimes you just have those mornings, when you realize that you put your sweater on backwards. This blue gecko guy is wondering if this is an omen of how his Monday is going to turn out… Keep a great attitude and don’t sweat the small stuff! Here’s to a great week!


Poker Related T-shirt Illustrations


A new client is starting a clothing line that is themed around poker. He asked for me to come up with some cool ideas and design some illustrations for his first tees. Here they are… One is a Photoshop painted t-shirt design, and the other 3 are more basic vector designs (for cheaper printing options).
POKER One Eyed Jack t-shirt design illustration

POKER Pocket Rockets t-shirt designs


POKER King Kong tee design

POKER Cartoon Bad Wolf t-shirt design


Five Race Designs

Run Races Racing Logo Illustration DesignA great repeat client asked me to design 5 illustrations and a logo design for his upcoming Fabulous Five Series Running Event. The 5 races were: Smoke & Fire Run, Masked Superhero Run, Smores Run, Princess & Fairy Run, and the Electric 80’s Run. I love the variety of racing events!



Comicon Scrapbook Product

ConQuest Character Design Creation & LogoThis is a cute, vector fantasy knight character design, logo design, and packaging/layout design I created for Con*Quest comicon journals. They had a great idea to make comicon and event scrapbooks, to put all your memories into. I love the idea and everything came together very well.

Conquest Scrapbook Pages Design ArtworkAnd here’s a collage of some of the pages and how the book looked in the end. They are getting a great response and the popularity is moving quickly! I really loved being in charge of the whole development of this entire project: from cartoon character development, to logo creation, to page illustrations, to final layout and presentation.




Happy Mother’s Day- to all the new mothers on the horizon!

Stork Mother's Day Cartoon

Thinking of all the women who long to be mothers, but their little bundles of joy haven’t come quite yet. Have hope! You will receive the blessings soon…