Freelance Fridge- Illustration & Character DesignFreelance Fridge- Illustration & Character Design


Cute Vintage Robot Character

Cute Timid Vintage Robot Droid Character with Glass Edison Bulb for Head Cartoon Pencil Colored Markers Drawing Sketch

Here’s another robot character! I wanted to give this guy a bit of a vintage scifi robot feel. I imagine the inside of the Edison glass contains a gas or anti-gravitational vacuum that allow his eyes to float around in there. 


Evil Spiked Robot Guard

Spiked Robot Droid with Pincers and Spewing Green Smoke Pollution Cartoon Pencil Colored Markers Drawing Sketch

Here’s a crazy spiked robot that spews toxic green gas for some reason. I picture these robots guarding some dark nemesis’s castle somewhere. I am participating in March of Robots on social media this year- sketching robots all throughout this month! I don’t think I’ll have time in my schedule to draw one every day, but I’ll be trying to create a handful this month. I love drawing droids! 


Spider Dwarf Character Design

Spider Dwarf Fantasy Creature Cartoon Character Holding Axes Sword and Lantern Pen and Colored Markers Drawing

Had this idea for a Spider Dwarf in my head and drew it out this weekend. I thought that a furry spider would be a great combination with a dwarf. I can certainly see this character concept in a video game or fantasy book. I wonder what his quest would be? 

Drawn & colored traditionally, using colored pencil, pen, and markers. Then I added a background and a few final touches digitally. 


Space Rat Alien Driving Spider Bot

Cartoon Rat Mouse Alien Space Creature Riding Spider Legged Robot Pen and Colored Markers Drawing Concept Design

Finished this drawing of a space rat alien in his mechanical mode of transportation. This species of aliens isn’t known for practical engineering. 

Drawn just for fun using colored pencil, black paint pen, markers, and white pen.

Ninja Arowana Fish Free Papercraft!

Desktop Gremlins and Freelance Fridge Free Papercraft hero Red Ninja Arowana Fish Paper Cuttable Cutout No Glue Craft

The wait is over! I can finally announce the collaboration that I did with Desktop Gremlins! I designed a papercraft, based on his unique easy-to-assemble method, drawing a unique character for his ninja contest. For his contest, he asked participants to create their own ninja character. I thought of a Ninja Arowana Fish, because I love how these fish leap out of the water to knock their prey into the water. Plus, I figured a fish ninja would be pretty unique and memorable. Here’s the description I wrote for my original character creation: 

“There is a mysterious ninja only known as the Ninja Arowana, who protects the rivers of Asia. Few have seen him closely. When he strikes, the criminals only see a red blur before they are brought to justice with a swift slap to the face.”

I had a whole lot of fun drawing this guy and I ended up winning the contest. The creator of Desktop Gremlins loved it so much, he asked if I would want to collaborate on it, for a free giveaway. I was excited for the opportunity and vectorized my Ninja Arowana, using CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator, for the free papercraft.

You can download the printable papercraft file RIGHT HERE

Once you download it, I recommend printing it on a heavier stock paper. Then simply follow the easy instructions, cutting it out and assembling without the need of tape or glue! 

I hope you really enjoy it and this Ninja Arowana can defend your desk from the perils of boredom and work challenges. 

I love creating characters and unique products. If I can help you or your company with a special giveaway, product, or one-of-a-kind character, feel free to reach out. I would be happy to work with you on your project. 

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Alien Girl with Bow – Inspired by Eggs

Cartoon Cute Alien Girl Wearing Big Bow and Dress Design Pen and Colored Markers Drawing

Was eating breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe the other week with my wife. She pointed out that my eggs looked like an alien with a bow! So I took a photo and used it as inspiration for this cute girl alien character. :blush:And I thought it would be cool to give her a big laser gun. 

Cartoon Cute Alien Girl Wearing Big Bow and Dress Design Pen and Colored Markers Drawing Inspiration

Here’s the original eggs. You never know where an idea can come from. Look for it in the real world every day!

Drawn in my travel sketchbook, with colored pencil, pen, and colored markers. I finished it up with a quick digital background. 


Princess Leia – Carrie Fisher Tribute Piece

Princess Leia Carrie Fisher Tribute Artwork Star Wars Illustration Cartoon Drawing

I was heartbroken to hear about the passing of Carrie Fisher today. I always loved Princess Leia. She created such an iconic female character that didn’t need to be saved by a man, but could fight for herself with all the confidence and strength in the world. I felt like creating this tribute piece of artwork, to honor her. She will be missed by so many.


Stingray Sublimation T-shirt Design

Stingray Caiman Islands Caribbean T-shirt design front

Stingray Caiman Islands Caribbean T-shirt design back

Here’s an All-over Sublimation T-shirt Design I illustrated for a souvenir company in the Cayman Islands. The client wanted something that tourists would love to buy after they spent time with the stingrays there. 


Elephant Octopus Creature Mashup

Octopus Elephant Cartoon Animal Mashup Red Creature Design Pen and Colored Markers Drawing

My lovely wife asked me to draw a mashup of our 2 favorite animals- an elephant and an octopus. It’s an octophant!

This was a challenging mixup to sketch. I did have a lot of fun with it though. Sketched initially with colored pencil, then inked with black paint pen, then colored with markers and finally added a quick digital blue background. 


Forest Troll Eating A Sandwich

Troll Forest Monster Eating Sandwich Pencil Inked & Colored Marker Drawing

Here’s a fun Forest Troll character I drew in my travel sketchbook. Everyone knows they love rotten fish sandwiches! I feel that there’s more to this troll’s story. I’ll have to think what it might be. I drew this sketch by hand and colored with pen and markers.


Pokemon-Style Dodge Ball League T-shirt Design

Pokemon Pokedodge characters T-shirt design Rough Sketch for dodgeball league sports team

A local Phoenix Dodgeball League asked me to create another t-shirt design for them, since they loved what I designed for them for last year’s season. They wanted a Pokemon design of some sort, since many of the players love the new Pokemon Go app. I suggested that I create all new characters, to avoid any copyright issues. Here’s the initial rough sketch for that. When working with clients, I always send a sketch for approval, before I create the final art.
Pokemon Pokedodge characters T-shirt design for dodgeball league sports teamHere’s the final vector t-shirt design I created. I was limited to 4 ink colors, and the design needed to work well on 12 different shirt colors, for the 12 teams. I think it turned out quite well. I actually enjoy working creatively within the limitations of a project.

Also, the client used the individual characters separately on the backs, for each team in the league. Here’s a little tidbit of each Pokemon-like original character that I created: 

Pokemon Fire Phoenix Firebird Original Character Creation Burnix

The first character is the one that made it as the main, large character in the center, I call Burnix. Since this dodgeball league resides in Phoenix, it only made sense to make this guy the focal point, and design this Fire Pokemon to look like a firebird.

Pokemon Bug Insect Beetle with Spikes Original Character Creation Scarabatak

The next made-up Pokemon is Scarabatak. This one is a Bug type. I love horned beetles, so I used that for my initial inspiration.

Pokemon Dragon Wyvern Green Original Character Creation Draxiguard

Here’s a Dragon type that I call Draziguard. I based him on a two-legged wyvern style dragon and gave him some features that I feel match him well with the Pokemon style of creatures.

Pokemon Electric Lightning Cute Ferret Original Character Creation Zaptrex

This one may just be my favorite, because everyone loves an Electric type Pokemon, like Pikachu, and he turned out so darn cute! I call this monster Zaptrex and love his extra set of legs!

Pokemon Fighting Ram Horns Spiked Tail Original Character Creation Pummlesar

Next on the list is Pummlesar, a Fighting type Pokemon. I liked the idea of a boxing kind of stance for this guy, but didn’t want to give him stereotypical boxing gloves. So instead, I drew him with a spiked club tail and matching spiked hands. He probably doesn’t need the ram horns, but it does give him a nice secondary fighting move to work with.

Pokemon Flying Butterfly Sparrow Bird Moth Original Character Creation Flitterchi

Is it more bug or more bird? You decide! I call this Flying type Pokemon, Flitterchi. I designed him as mostly bird-like, but with two sets of legs and butterfly or moth wings, to give him a bug-ish feel. Also, it helps the creature become more unique than if it was just one or the other.

Pokemon Ghost Wisp Skull Original Character Creation Spirwisp

Next was designing a Ghost type Pokemon. It took me a little while to come up with a design that didn’t feel too much like an existing character. I call the final character Spirwisp!

Pokemon Grass Plant Mushroom Leafy Original Character Creation Mushtopus

Up next is the Grass or Plant type. There seems to be a lot of monsters in this category, so drawing something original took a bit of creativity. In the end, Mushtopus became a really fun one. He definitely falls into the “little bit goofy” category of Pokemon.

Pokemon Ice Frozen Icecube with Mohawk Original Character Creation Mowcube

One of the first things I thought of for the Ice type Pokemon was a single ice cube. It didn’t take long for me to sketch out this snowflake mohawk, ice cube monster, Mowcube!

Pokemon Poison Scorpion Bunny Rabbit Original Character Creation Scorpoisar

The next Pokemon type is Poison. I knew that I could really go anywhere with this type. I hadn’t seen much in the realm of scorpion-looking Pokemon, so I felt like that was a good base to start with. And then I incorporated the cute bunny rabbit face from there. And I couldn’t forget the crossbones on the tail! Scorpoisar looks cuddly, but you might not want to get too close.

Pokemon Rock Stone Crystals Original Character Creation Crystone

Rock type Pokemon was also an interesting category. I ended up deciding that it would be cool to have crystals growing out of him. Named him Crystone.

Pokemon Water Armored Dolphin Dinosaur Original Character Creation Dolphtar

And last but not least, here is Dolphtar. This monster fits into the Water type Pokemon. This guy is a little bit of a lot of things… dolphin, eel, dinosaur, dragon, etc. I love the feel of this guy for the realm of Pokemon characters.

Pokemon Pokedodge characters T-shirt design for dodgeball league sports team

All in all, this was a fun project to be a part of. If you need great, custom characters, that match your current game or project, I would be happy to help. Or if you just need a really cool t-shirt design. Feel free to contact me through my site and we can talk about how to make your project the best it can be, with great artwork. 

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Kids Video Game App Illustrations

I was recently commissioned to design a few illustrations and some icon buttons for an educational game company called Sokikom. I’ve created many art assets for Sokikom in the past, so it was nice to have a chance to work with them again. All the final art needed to be vector, so that it could be integrated into the app easily. 


Sokikom kids educational math games background simple screens for overlays

The first item I created were 4 simple silhouetted illustrations. The client wanted these to use in the background of the various game screens, so that they could overlay the actual content on top of it. Each one of these matches the colors and theme of each educational math game. 


Sokikom island online video game map various concept sketches options educational math games

The next item, and most complex, was the main video game illustration that will be used to navigate to each game. The client wanted to a fresh, new illustration to replace the existing island illustration they had. This new main navigation screen will be the home screen of the game app, where the students can pick each game they want to play.

I sketched 3 different island concepts for them to choose from. You might be wondering why I have grey borders on parts of the concept sketches… This is because the illustration would need to be cropped for various monitors- computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. I included the grey areas so that the client could identify where the artwork would be trimmed for each screen size. 


Sokikom island online video game map final approved concept sketch educational math games

The client liked the 2nd concept sketch best, but asked for a few elements from the others to be incorporated as well as the island size to be expanded. Here’s how my final approved concept sketch turned out. 


Sokikom island online video game map for choosing educational math games main

After approval of the final island sketch, I finished up the illustration in vector art. I had to also keep in mind a limited color palette based on the new web 2.0 colors. Also, I needed to make sure that I was not using any techniques in illustrator- with the shading or clipping- that would affect the art when exporting as SVG files. 


Sokikom concept sketches for kids educational math game navigation icons

And lastly, the client had requested for me to design 6 fun, catchy icon buttons for the educational game app. These are my initial concept sketches for those. Each icon will navigate to a specific function in the app. 


Sokikom kids educational math game navigation icons

Here’s the final approved icons. As you can see, there were a couple changes I had to make from the initial sketches. The final icon buttons are quite colorful and fun for the kids. 


I really enjoyed working on these illustrations for Sokikom. I especially love working on projects that help kids and promote education. I believe that strong, quality artwork can really excite children to learn and grow. If I can help you with your kid-related apps or products, please feel free to contact me through my site. I would be glad to talk with you more about what you are hoping to accomplish.

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Crystal Horned Dragon Final Illustration

Crystal Horned Dragon Head Sketch Pencil Inked & Colored Drawing Concept Art

Finally found some time to finish this dragon head with crystal horns! I inked in Sharpie, then colored him with a combination of markers and colored pencils. I tried to let the paper color show through for most of his body color. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I really love the concept of a dragon with crystals for horns. 


Crystal Horned Dragon Head Sketch

Crystal Horned Dragon Head Sketch Pencil Drawing

Here’s a dragon head with crystal horns that I sketched out on paper last night for fun. I’m hoping to find time later this week to ink and color him. It’s really satisfying after a day of work (drawing things for clients digitally) to spend a few minutes drawing something for myself on actual paper. I need to try and find time to do it more often.


Unicorn Orange Cartoon Creature

Orange Fruit Unicorn Cartoon Creature Monster Inked and Colored Drawing

UnicOrange is contemplating his own hard questions during this political season. 

I wanted to draw something completely random, for fun, to take everyone’s mind off of this election season. Even if just for a moment. So, out came a sketch of an orange fruit unicorn. Hope you love him as much as I do! I sketched him with colored pencil, then inked with pen, and colored with markers & white gel pen. I’m thinking there might be more of a story to this little guy…