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Spy Pineapple Cartoon Character

Spy Secret Agent Pinapple Cartoon Drawing Colored with Markers Artwork Sketch

Secret Agent Spynapple! Fun little doodle based on some friends suggestions- Pineapple and Spy. Drawn in my Travel Sketchbook, inked and colored with Sharpies and art markers.


Hermitback Robot Mashup Colored

Humpback Whale Hermit Crab Mashup Robot Drawing Colored With Art Markers

Here’s my robot animal mashup from earlier, now in color! It’s a mix of a humpback whale and a hermit crab. I colored it with my art markers last night. Really had fun with this little guy!


Humpback Hermit Crab Robot

Humpback Whale Hermit Crab Mashup Robot Inked DrawingHere’s a quick sketch in my travel sketchbook… The theme for my drawing group was an aquatic robot that’s a mashup of 2 different animals. I chose to mix a humpback whale and a hermit crab. This is how my robot turned out. I picture this creature small, like a hermit crab, but with the ability to swim if needed. He sends information back to the home base using his antennas.



Cactus Knight Cartoon Sharpie Sketch

Cactus Knight Cartoon Character Sharpie SketchHere’s a quick cartoon sketch I drew with Sharpies this weekend. I randomly thought of sketching a desert cactus as a knight warrior. Not sure if a cactus covered in sharp needles needs armor, but hey, why not? :)



Beaver Beast Sharpie Doodle

Beaver Bug Unicorn Slug Beast Cartoon Monster drawn in red sharpie marker

The elusive BeaverBeast! Part beaver, part bug, part unicorn… Known for being clingy, if one of these likes you, it’ll start following you everywhere. Doodled this ugly-yet-cute guy on our paper table runner, just for fun.


Steampunk Alien Cartoon

Steampunk Mustached Alien Cartoon Character drawn with pencil and colored with markersIt’s been a little while since I’ve added a post on my blog… just been quite busy with client work, trying to keep my head above water. Here’s a little cartoon steampunk alien character I sketched in my travel sketchbook and then colored with markers. I really like this little mustached, dapper, four-armed, four-eyed, alien wearing a top hat. I’ve had an idea for a couple years to design a whole series of steampunk aliens in a TV animation kind of cartoon style. I think it’s time to start that!



Merman T-shirt Design

Saltwater Saltan Buff Merman Playing Guitar Design 1st Sketch

A great client of mine asked me to design a new t-shirt & illustrative logo for his new company, The Saltwater Saltan! Here’s the initial sketch I drew for the project- A tough King Neptune with an electric guitar, and a couple heavy metal dolphins.


Saltwater Saltan Buff Merman Playing Guitar Design 2nd Sketch

Even thought the client wanted the dolphins, after seeing it, he decided that it was a little too busy and took away from the awesomeness of King Neptune. So here’s the revised sketch without the dolphins. The text was also revised to add in his slogan.


Saltwater Saltan Buff Merman Playing Guitar T-shirt Design Illustration

And here’s the final vector illustration! Nothing better than a buff Merman with tattoos, rocking out on a trident guitar! My client was extremely pleased with the final artwork and eager to get the art on some t-shirts to sell!

If I can help you with your branding or clothing line, please feel free to contact me anytime and we can talk about how great artwork can take your business further.


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Ninja Sketch

cartoon ninja character holding samurai sword sketch

Here’s a quick sketch of a ninja holding a samurai sword, drawn in my travel sketchbook. Simple cartoon character, but I wanted to show action and movement.


Splash Dayz Water Park Logo Design

Splash Dayz water park Logo Design

A fitting post for a hot summer day! Here’s a Logo Design I recently created for a water park in Texas called Splash Dayz. They wanted something with a big water splash as the centerpiece, with words that would be readable on a billboard. The park just opened for the summer, and they now have a strong logo design to start their branding efforts. Later on, I will be continuing work with them, creating artwork for each water slide’s name and theme.


Bouncy Booth Attendant

cartoon long-haired bungee bounce attendant guy

I was at the mall yesterday and saw this attendant at the bungee bounce area… There weren’t many people wanting him to securely fasten them in the harness. Had to draw this crazy character!


Cyclops Octopus Inspired by Rug

White Octopus Inspiration from Target Outdoor Rug Pattern cartoon drawing

I was inspired by this outdoor rug pattern I saw at Target recently. The shape made me thing of a cyclops octopus monster of sorts. I decided to snap a quick photo and save the inspiration for later.

White Cyclops Octopus Monster Character Inspired by Rug Pattern cartoon drawing illustration

Here’s the funny cyclops octopus creature I ended up drawing. I decided to stick with similar colors as the original rug. I had a lot of fun with this quick doodle. Just goes to show you, you can be inspired by something every day if you are looking for it!


Cute Cartoon Little Girl with Hot Pink Dress

cute little girl wearing hot pink outfit hat and dress cartoon inked drawingI saw this darling little girl Sunday morning at McDonald’s. I thought it was cute that she was wearing a hot pink dress, with hot pink flip flops, and a hot pink flower on her big beach fedora hat that covered part of her hot pink framed glasses. I just had to draw her! I inked the sketch and finished it off with hot pink gel pen.



Unicorn Owl Elephant Animal Mixup

owl elephant unicorn merged animal creature drawing mixup cartoon pen sketch

Here’s a pen sketch I drew for my wife, of an owl, elephant, and unicorn merged together. She calls it an Uniowlphant. This was a tough mix of animals. Tricky to know quite how to blend them together, but I think it turned out pretty cute. Feathery body, elephant ears that look a bit like wings, owl eyes, unicorn hooves, horn, mane, and tail, and mostly an elephant body. Combining animals into a new creature is great practice for creativity and strengthening your imagination.


James & The Giant Peach Sketch

James and the giant peach worm bait for catching seagulls cartoon drawing sketch

Quick sketch in my travel sketchbook of the scene in the book, James & the Giant Peach, where the worm is used as bait to catch seagulls so they can ultimately fly the peach out of the ocean. I still love this book; I really need to read it again sometime.


Reading Program Character & Vehicle Visual Development

A great client of mine was starting a new branch of their business, with a kid’s Champion Reader program. In order to promote and launch the program, they wanted me to develop a great character and a couple science fiction space vehicles for it. The creation of compelling artwork was a big part of their choice to proceed with their new expansion. Here’s a bit about my visual development process for them…

Scifi Librarian Dog Dewey cartoon character concept sketchesThe main character for their children’s reading program was a dog named Dewey that lives in space, aboard the library of the galaxy. They had an employee’s dog that they wanted him based on. They weren’t quite sure if they wanted him on 2 legs or 4, so I sketched a version of each for them. Since this is for kids, I wanted to make sure that the character sketches were appealing and friendly. A character that they would want to meet and be friends with. Also, my client had already developed a logo design for the program, so I tried to keep with the purple and grey colors of that logo, so that everything would go well together.

Scifi Librarian Dog Dewey final character concept sketchMy client fell in love with the four-legged version of the dog character, but liked the suit of the other concept sketch better. So I took the dog they liked and re-sketched it with the suit style they preferred. They really loved what I came up with here and I moved onto the final art.

Scifi Librarian Dog Dewey final character artwork illustration


Here’s the final character illustration for the space dog, Dewey. For the most versatility in printing, I created all of the artwork as vector, so that they could print large banners or cardboard cutouts without losing any quality. In the final stage is when I adding in the shading and a bit of a space background as well.


Scifi Library Space Station vehicle concept sketchesAnother part of the visual development was to create a giant space station for Dewey to live in. This is the library of the galaxy. My client wanted something that looked big, cool, ominous, and a little mysterious. They wanted it to be a place that kids would really want to visit. I developed 2 initial concepts- One being a giant ship that was built into an asteroid, using the resources of the rock to power the space station. The second concept I created was meant to look a little like a tennis ball and dog collar, to pay homage to it’s main resident, the space dog.

Scifi Library Space Station vehicle final concept sketchMy client preferred the 2nd scifi space station concept, but wanted to see something triangle shaped on it, to mimic the logo a bit, plus they wanted to see more “stuff” on the main sphere part of the station. I changed the rotating frame to a pyramid shape, and sketched more windows, boosters, and details onto the surface of the space station. They really liked how the revisions turned out.

Scifi Library Space Station final vehicle artwork illustrationAnd here’s the final space station illustration. I think it hits all the points they asked for… something mysterious, intriguing, ominous, and exciting. It makes you wonder what they library looks like on the inside!

Scifi Librarian Dog's Spaceship vehicle concept sketchesLastly, I needed to design a smaller spaceship vehicle for Dewey to fly around in, whenever he leaves the space station library. Here’s the 2 concept sketches I initially created. The first one mimics the shape of a dog bone, again as a tip of the hat to the dog driving it. The second is more of just a cool science fiction spaceship. I tried to create a shape for it that would be unique for them. They really fell in love with the 2nd ship, with just a couple minor changes.

Scifi Librarian Dogs Spaceship vehicle final concept sketchThis is the final concept sketch for the spaceship. My client just asked for a bubble cockpit of some sort, so that I could draw the dog inside of it, flying the ship. Also, they wanted a bit more purple incorporated on the ship. It turned out being a really cool looking spaceship in my opinion.

Scifi Librarian Dogs Spaceship vehicle final vehicle artwork illustrationOf course, when I received my client’s excited approval, I finalized the spaceship illustration. This ship definitely seems like one that Dewey could speed around space in.

Scifi Librarian Dog and spaceships final visual development vector artwork illustrationHere’s a quick look at all the final vector artwork for the scifi dog, spaceship, and space station. I really like how all of this turned out. I love imagining and creating brand new concepts like this for my clients. Things had worked out so well with the other visual development I drew for them in the past, that they hired me again for this new project. I know that these images will be great for their marketing, promotions, and branding of their new reading program. I’m sure that they will see a lot of success in this branch of their business as well.

If you would like to talk about how I can develop characters or worlds for your video game, book, business, or products, feel free to reach out to me anytime. I love helping companies develop, expand, and succeed in markets where high-quality, imaginative artwork plays such an important part.

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