Freelance Fridge- Illustration & Character DesignFreelance Fridge- Illustration & Character Design


Day of the Dead Style Cartoon Animals

Day of the dead style cartoon giraffe platypus slug seahorse toucan kiwi bird axolotl kangaroo rat rattlesnake

Which one is YOUR favorite?

There’s a fun artist challenge called Inktober every October. Hard for me to commit to a traditionally inked drawing every day of October, but I’ll be doing a few throughout this month. Here’s my first: Day of the Dead style cartoon animals!

Penciled, then inked in Sharpie & White Ink, then finished with Markers. Fun to get to draw on actual paper every once in a while, since most of my client work is digital.


Girl Dog Walking with Gator

Cute little girl walking scared dogs and a happy alligator funny cartoon illustrationI was inspired by an old vintage photo of a girl walking her pet alligator down the stairs…

Vintage Photo Gator and Girl walking down stairs

So I wanted to create my own illustration with a girl and a gator, but make it different somehow. My first sketch was a simple reversal of the photo, with the gator reluctant to come down the steps…

Cartoon gator scared to come down the stairs with girl owner pulling the leashI decided this just wasn’t original enough, or compelling enough. Then I thought of the idea of the scared dogs lagging behind on the leashes as the girl is walking them with the gator happily walking ahead, oblivious to their fears. And of course, this is a brave girl who sees nothing wrong with walking a large reptile.

Brave girl walking dogs and a gator on leashes cartoon sketchI think the final came out great and hope you enjoyed reading a little about my sketch concept process. Sometimes you have to jump in and sketch a little, before the best idea or concept comes forth.


Shark Beast Monster Sketch

Cartoon Shark Beast Monster Creature Drawing in my Travel Sketchbook

Sketched this shark beast monster but wasn’t sure I liked him… then my wife added the bandaids and suggested the potbelly and now I think I like him more… :)


People Sketching in Starbucks

sketch of an Asian man with crazy curly hair in starbucksI was waiting for a client meeting in a Starbucks yesterday and saw this crazy, curly-haired older man. I had to draw him! Carrying around this travel sketchbook has come in handy!



Friendly Tree Character Sketch

Cartoon Tree Character cartoon in my travel sketchbook

Been sketching this Tree Character off and on during lunch breaks for the past few days. Finally finished him. It’s a combination of red pencil and red pen, which I think makes a nice look. :)


SciFi Board Game Illustration

Illustration and design of scifi spaceship board game artworkI had the pleasure of illustrating and designing the box for a new SciFi board game called Space Truckies. Can’t say too much about the game mechanics, but it sounds really fun! Here’s a little insight on my process for this artwork.


concept sketch for the box of a scifi board game illustrationAs always, I first discussed the details of the game and the style with my client. He loves the old, vintage scifi spaceships of the 1950’s, the style you see on the Amazing Stories covers. I am a big fan of those retro vehicles too, so this project was a perfect fit. I sketched the image above out, thinking of how to incorporate action and excitement into the composition. The camera angle, movement lines, and overlapping the ship on the borders of the box all help with this. I felt that a sense of movement would entice the viewer to buy the game more than if it was just a ship parked on a runway. I also went ahead and illustrated the background more fully, so that the client would get a better idea of the overall look and feel I would be achieving in the final illustration.

Science Fiction Board Game Box Illustration in a variety of colors

The client absolutely loved the initial sketch, so I was able to quickly move on to the final color illustration. The client wanted nice, bright colors for the final box, and so I gave him 3 different color options to choose from. At this stage, I also included the sides of the box, so he could start getting an idea of how it would look as a whole.


final illustration for science fiction spaceship board game box designAnd here’s the final box design, with the color option that the client chose. You’ll also see a few minor changes to text and icons incorporated on the sides of the box. I love how this turned out and I look forward to playing the game soon, when the production is completed.

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Veggie Root Dinosaur Creatures

Vegetable Root Carrot Dinosaur Creatures Monsters Concepts Drawings

Sketched some concepts for a personal art piece I’m working on. I’ve got an idea for some cute vegetable root-like dinosaur creatures, that are trying to get an older, cranky root to come out of the ground and enjoy the world. Hope to have a chance to do the full illustration in the next few weeks.

Which Veggie Root Dino Critter do YOU like best?


New Pocket Sketchbook!

Fun Cartoon Octopus with mustache and holding vintage pocket watch with tentaclesI just found a nice leather pocket sketchbook recently at Hobby Lobby! Been looking for a nice, smaller sketchbook that I could carry around with me wherever I go. I was so excited when I found this! Here’s the debut sketch for the sketchbook- a mustached octopus looking at his pocket watch. I suppose he’s checking to see if it’s a good time to draw, which the answer is always YES! :)


Skeleton Packaging Illustrations

cartoon skeleton characters illustrations for food packaging designI created these 4 cartoon skeleton characters for use in a client’s food packaging design. The client requested rough, sketchy skeletons in these 4 sports actions: basketball, skateboarding, BMX biking, and surfing. They wanted a Day of the Dead kind of feel, mixed with a fun cartoony style. Each skeleton will be used on the Mexican food packaging of Diego’s different products.



Epic Old Man Sketch

Cartoon of old man with straw hat and long beard amish epic awesome

Saw this old guy when we were in a Goodwill thrift store this last week. He was so epically awesome that I just had to get around to drawing him. His beard was amazing, especially since he chose to knot it at the end because it was so long. I love drawing interesting people into cartoons. :)


‘At the Earth’s Core’ Creature Design – Mahars of Pellucidar

234_Mahar_Color_Sketch_CADAbout 9 years ago, I was assigned the book, “At the Earth’s Core” to draw characters and creatures from, for an art college assignment. One of the creatures I had sketched was the Mahars, the pterodactyl-like rulers of the world in the earth’s core. I was talking with a friend the other day about it and decided it would be fun to try drawing the creature again. Sadly, I couldn’t find the old sketch from years ago, but here’s my new version of this evil, creepy dinosaur beast. For those artists out there, drawing your version of a character or creature from a book is great visual development practice.



Colored Pencil Caps


So I found some plastic caps for my colored pencils. Seems like a small thing, but I’m really excited about being able to carry a pencil around with me now! (without risk of injury, lol). Here’s a tiny sketch of an Alien Biker cartoon I did in my mini travel pad.


Robot Animal based on Color Palette


So I recently discovered the Color Palette Generating site: After wasting a lot of time looking at color schemes, I came up with an idea for the sketch group I’m part of… create a character inspired by a color palette. This robot otter animal is what I came up with for it. I wanted to use 1-2 colors as the main focus and then use the other 3 colors as more highlights for points of interest. Some might look at this robot as a cold, unemotional machine, but deep inside, he just wants to be loved the same way he loves his octopus stuffed animal.


People Sketching in Barnes & Noble

231_PeopleSketching_1_a_CADHad a great session of people sketching last night in Barnes & Noble with a couple artist buddies. Here’s the unsuspecting group of friends that I sketched from a distance. I loved the contrast of the shapes & sizes of this group. And it goes without saying that the woman on the left had the most amazing, epic hair! So fun to draw and caricature these people into cartoons.



God Speaking Creation Poster & Sticker Illustration

God creating in 7 days

Created this poster for a client of God during the 7 days of creation, making the light, dark, water, land, plants, fish, animals, and Adam & Eve. The image above is the digital illustration, the vector render. The client had a rough idea- she had seen a graffiti mural of God speaking creation over a year ago and had been thinking of doing something similar for quite some time. Even though she had a basic idea, she gave me a large amount of freedom when drawing this image. I wanted to keep a bit of the urban style that she was describing in the first place, while making it bold and illustrative so that it would print well.


Here’s how the final printed posters turned out. I think the colors and print looked amazing! I’m always excited when one of my clients send me some of the finished products. This was a fun one to make!