Freelance Fridge- Illustration & Character DesignFreelance Fridge- Illustration & Character Design


UnicOrange Cute Critter

orange fruit unicorn cartoon creature monster inked and colored drawing

UnicOrange is contemplating his own hard questions during this political season. Had fun drawing this cute little creature in my travel sketchbook. He’s drawn with colored pencil, then inked with pen, then colored with markers. I wanted to draw something completely random and silly to take people’s minds off of this crazy presidential election. Something fun and different for social media. Why not draw a combination of an orange and a unicorn?


Fly Trap Ostrich Creature

venus fly trap ostrich cartoon creature monster inked drawing

It’s been a busy first part of October, but here’s my first Inktober drawing for the month! Inktober is an annual artist tradition, started by Jake Parker, where artists create an inked drawing every day in October. For this fun doodle, I decided to combine a Venus fly trap with an ostrich. I love his big wide mouth! I probably won’t be able to do an inked drawing every day this month, but I am going to try and fit a few more in.


Big Eye Red Squirrelfish Drawing

big eye red squirrelfish inked cartoon fish drawing on red paper

Saw one of these Big Eye Red Squirrelfish at the Sea Life Aquarium about a week ago and remembered how much I love them! Had to draw one up for fun yesterday. A little headstart for October’s inktober art month. Drawn on red paper with col-erase pencil, then inked with Sharpies then finished up with some prismacolor colored pencils and and white gel pen.


Buff Minotaur Cartoon Sketch

Big Horned Buff Minotaur Blue Colored Pencil Cartoon Drawing Sketch

Sketched this Minotaur in my Travel Sketchbook yesterday. He’s so buff he hardly fits on the page! I’ve been playing more with drawing clear basic shapes in my characters, like you see in this Minotaur’s head and horns. It’s good to remember the power behind simplified elements within a drawing. I think this guy will be aggressively staring me down until I take time to draw a full body pose of him.

Drawn with a Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil, which I’ve been loving to draw with! One complaint is that these pencils are hard to get really dark lines with, but they’re really intended for underneath pen or a darker pencil, like you’ve seen on some of my other work.


Vintage Style Cartoon Goblin Character

Happy Vintage Cartoon Classic Goblin with Wooden Barrel Gun on Color Starburst Background

I finally had a chance to finish my vintage, classic cartoon style goblin in color! I really like this little guy. 🙂 Now I want to see a cartoon series with him in it! One can dream, right?


Sketch of a Family of Foxes

Cute Cartoon Family of Foxes Red Colored Pencil, Sharpie, and Pen Drawing

Quick sketch of a cute family of red foxes in my Travel Sketchbook. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future family with my lovely wife. 🙂

Drawn with red prismacolor col-erase pencil, fine line sharpie, and ball-point pen.


Red Lizard Creature- Redrawn 14 Years Later

Old High School Cartoon Colored Pencil Drawing of Red Lizard Creature with Horns

Throwback Thursday of sorts… Here’s an old drawing of some red, horned lizard creatures I drew back in High School (probably 2002). I decided it would be fun to redraw it over a decade later, and see the difference. My Dad loved this original character and I remember he had named the lizard, Nagle. I’ll be giving him the new updated drawing as a gift. 

New Updated Redrawn Cartoon Colored Pencil Drawing of Red Lizard Creature with Horns

Here is the redrawn version I just finished last night. I’m not sure where the checkerboard landscape came from, but I felt like I should keep it, along with the essence of the lizard- the colors, the horns, the back fins, the general snout shape- while updating him to a stronger and more appealing design. I kept the materials and medium the same as well… I still used a gray paper and colored pencils, just like I did with the first. Had a lot of fun with it and I think my Dad is going to love it! 


Bearded Welding Skull Logo Design

Logo Design Bearded Skull with Welding Helmet Coalescence Fabrication and Welding company

Just finished this logo design for a client. He loved a bearded viking skull I drew in the past, and wanted a similar one, but wearing a welding helmet instead for his company logo. A perfect look for a welding company! I designed it as vector art, so that he could easily get shirts, stickers, and other printed materials made.


Tough Spiny Seahorse Vector T-shirt Design

Just finished up another vector t-shirt design for a great client of mine. For this design, he was looking for a strong image to represent his aquatic saltwater fish business. He asked for a tough yellow spiny seahorse, lurking in sea grass and coral. Here’s a bit of the process…

Dark Horse Mean Cool Seahorse T-shirt Sketch Stage Artwork Design


As always, I started with the sketch. I wanted the spiny seahorse to really feel like he was within the grass, blending in with it a bit. Also, I wanted to make sure he looked cool and tough, not a cute seahorse you would see in an animation. This is for seahorse aquarium enthusiasts, so it needed to hit the target audience well.

Dark Horse Tough Mean Cool Seahorse T-shirt Vector Artwork Design

Here’s how the final illustration turned out. I really loved how this one came together, and my client did as well. The entire design is vector art, for ease of screen printing. I’m always extra excited to draw a design with sea creatures in it, since I love fish! (I used to have 7 fish tanks running in my house at the same time).

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Tree Ent Character Sketch

Cartoon Drawing of Tree Ent Creature with Antlers talking to a bird

Here’s a sketch of a Tree Ent in my travel sketchbook. His sole purpose is to keep his forest protected and growing strong, and perhaps listen to some sparrow gossip every now and then.


Vintage Style Goblin Cartoon

Happy Vintage Cartoon Classic Goblin with Wooden Barrel Gun Inked DrawingAre Goblins cute? I’d like to think so! I had an idea of a vintage, classic cartoon style goblin. I drew it in a way that it looks like he could fit well in an old 1930’s animated cartoon. This little goblin has a crazy wooden barrel gun of some sort, of which I imagine he’s the only one who knows how to use it. I’m pretty happy with this little guy. Planning on coloring him soon, when I find the time in my schedule.



Blue Crab with Palmetto Trees T-Shirt Design

Tribal Blue Crab Beach Fishing Palmetto Tree with Crescent Moon T-Shirt Design Full Back Vector Artwork

Here’s another fishing related t-shirt design I created for a great repeat client of mine. He requested a tribal-looking design featuring a Blue Crab, Palmetto Trees, and a Crescent Moon. Should be another great seller for him on the East Coast!

Tribal Blue Crab Beach Fishing T-Shirt Design Front Vector ArtworkAnd here’s the crab I prepped separately for my client to use on the front of the shirt. This makes a pretty compelling design just by itself as well.



Warrior Knight Woman – Character Artwork for Video Game

Female Warrior Knight Woman wearing armor cloak color character concept artwork front view for video gameI just finished creating this warrior knight woman character concept for a new client of mine. This character is for a new video game in development, using the Unreal Engine 4. Here’s a little bit about my process…

Female Knight Warrior Woman wearing armor cloak character concept sketch for video gameMy client had a really great, detailed description of how they envisioned the character. So for this project, it wasn’t necessary to create a medley of concept sketches. It was very clear what they wanted to see. Here’s the initial sketch I created for the female video game character. The style is a little bit more realistic in proportions than what I normally get hired to do, but I love working in a variety of styles, so that wasn’t a problem at all. I enjoyed the change of pace. I also liked the fact that their description of the character didn’t have her in scantily clad clothing. She’s wearing armor and a cloak that covers her nicely and is more practical for fighting than many of the female characters you see out there in video games.

Female Warrior Knight Woman wearing armor cloak turnaround concept sketchesMy client absolutely loved the initial concept sketch, so I was able to move into the other views quickly. My client had asked for a 4 view turnaround for the character, so they could supply it to their 3D artist for modeling. The biggest challenge with turnarounds is keeping the right proportions throughout the character. I would say for this warrior knight in particular, the biggest challenge was drawing all the detail in her armor and cloak several times!

Crystal one-handed Sword blade weapon concept sketch for video game


To go along with the warrior knight, I asked if she had any weapon or prop to also be designed. My client described a magical crystal sword that she would eventually wield in the video game. I enjoyed sketching out this one-handed sword for her. Again, my client loved the sketch right away, which is always a great feeling, knowing that you captured what they had pictured in their head right off the bat.


Crystal one-handed Sword blade weapon concept final color glowing for video gameHere’s how the crystal sword turned out when I finished it up in color. You can almost feel the gravitational pull of the purple glowing orb in the center, holding all the crystal blade pieces together. I used a little bit of leather and metal to tie in with the character’s clothing and match it all together well.


Female Warrior Knight Woman Girl wearing armor cloak color character concept artwork turnaround views for video gameAnd here’s all 4 character turnaround views for the warrior knight girl, completed in full color. You’ll notice that there’s a few pieces of crystal on her belt and her eyes match the glowing orb of her weapon, which also helps tie the sword into her ensemble, showing that she is the true keeper of this mystical crystal sword. I loved my client’s idea to have her hair fading into an orange color, which I feel contrasts quite well with her blue and silver cloak.


Female Warrior Knight Woman wearing armor cloak color character concept artwork three quarters 3/4 view for video gameHere’s a larger image of the three-quarters view of the final character design. I really enjoyed developing this character and I look forward to working on more character designs for this client in the future, as their game progresses.


Female Warrior Knight Woman wearing armor cloak color character concept artwork front close up for video game


And lastly, here’s a close-up of her face, so that you can see the detail I illustrated.

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Creative Fish Concept Sketches for Mobile Game

A while back, I created a bunch of wacky fish concepts for a Denmark-based mobile game app company. They were looking for several concepts of unique and imaginative fish for a new fishing video game. They wanted to see a progression/growth in the fish, along with a concept of what bait to use to catch them. After 12 months, I’m finally allowed to show the work.

Fish Creature Concept Artwork Sketches Electric Dragon Eel

Here’s the first fish concept sketch set- The ElecTrout! An electric dragon eel that eats battery fish.

Fish Creature Concept Artwork Sketches Extraterrestrial Alien Big Eyes

The second one is the ExtraTETRAstrial! Merged with Alien DNA, this fish feeds on Cattle Worms.

Fish Creature Concept Artwork Sketches Mustached Hairy Fluffy Puffer Fish

Third is the Fluffer Fish! This round fuzzball’s food of choice are BoxFrogs. Notice his mustache grows as he does!

Fish Creature Concept Artwork Sketches Plant Venus Flytrap Shark

The Venus FlyCarp! This toothy plant fish loves flies the best, but will eat just about anything. This is probably my favorite of my wacky fish concept sketches.

Fish Creature Concept Artwork Sketches Warted Long Nosed Fish Monster

The Longnose Warttie! This fish’s warts continue to grow and multiply their entire lives.

Fish Creature Concept Artwork Sketches Tusked Striped with Eyebrows Fish

The Steel Tusk Pike! The males fight for companionship by knocking tusks, similar to how rams do with their horns.

Fish Creature Concept Artwork Sketches Whale Fish Multiple Eyes Monster

And here’s the last of my silly fish concept sketches- The Occular Orca! This big guy loves to munch on cyclops shrimp! Thanks for checking out all my fish sketches, and I hope you continue to enjoy seeing other characters and creatures as I continue to share.

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Donut Loving Girl Comic Strip

Olivia Little Girl Loving Donuts Funny Comic Strip Cartoon Drawing Sketch

A quick comic strip I drew up last night, based on my friend’s daughter. She LOVES donuts and my wife thought it would be funny to draw her split-second transformation from cute girl to evil donut lover. This little girl might just inspire a whole line of comic strips. (if I ever find the time, haha).