Freelance Fridge- Illustration & Character DesignFreelance Fridge- Illustration & Character Design

Concept Art, Illustration, & Vector Artwork Services

Freelance Fridge offers a variety of services, to meet your artwork needs:

  • Screen Print &  Vector Artwork Creation
  • Character, Creature, and other Concept Artwork
  • Game Art & Asset Creation
  • Children’s Book Illustration
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel Cover Illustration
  • 2D Flash Animation
  • Storyboarding for Film & Animation
  • Graphic Design & Logo Design

I have 10 years of experience as an Art Director. I can handle your large, extensive projects as well as your smaller projects.

Here’s two places where you can read client reviews about my work:

Feel free to contact me anytime for a free quote and to discuss your project further. I am always open to answering any questions that you may have.

Thank you.

James Koenig

Freelance Fridge

6 Comments on “Concept Art, Illustration, & Vector Artwork Services

  1.  by  Tamara Peace

    I got your name from the T shirt forum. I am looking for a freelance person to help us with overflow work. Our main business is schools and we tend to get behind when everyone wants art at the same time. Unfortunatly with many of our schools they tend to want to see a few color changes before they decide. Please let me know if this is something your interested in and we can chat further. thanks. Tamara

    •  by  James

      Thanks for your comment and interest. I am following up with you via email. Looking forward to our work together. -James

      •  by  Matt Reid


        I have the copyrights to my characters, concept, title and stories. I just need someone to capture my vision with illustrations.

        Matt Reid

        •  by  James

          Hi Matt,
          Thanks for your interest. I look forward to hearing more about your story. I just emailed you. Feel free to call or email me back anytime.

  2.  by  Vicky Lux

    I would like a t shirt for breast cancer. Do u make them or do I buy your design?

    •  by  James

      Hi Vicky,
      Yes, I do make t-shirt designs. I’ve been illustrating and designing t-shirts for over 15 years. I don’t make the shirts themselves, but I can create a great design for you. I’ll send an email over to you and we can discuss things further.

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